The Greenville Coin Club, a non-profit organization since 1963, is sixty years old.  The object of this organization is to encourage and promote interest in the field of numismatics, cultivate friendly relations among collectors, dealers, students, and to encourage amateur collectors.
Annual fee: $20.  Junior membership is $5 until age 18.
We meet every Tuesday at the recreation center located at 2700 White Horse Rd, Greenville, SC, behind the Salem United Methodist Church 6:15-9:00pm. Members and Guests are encouraged to arrive prior to calling the meeting to order at 7:15pm to allow time to fellowship and participate in activities of numismatic interest.

6:15 PM - Open to arrival of members and guests.

7:15 PM - President calls meeting to order. Distinguished guests recognized and welcomed. Club Financial report and minutes reviewed. Discuss recent news and upcoming events. Review and discuss the general business of the Club. Distribute door prizes and attendance awards.
7:30 PM - Viewing of auction items.
7:45 PM - Conduct open auction of coins, currency, and related items.
8:45 PM - Drawing for auction prizes and final door prize. 
2700 White Horse Rd, Greenville, SC (behind the Salem United Methodist Church)   

President - Sam Norris

Vice President - Darral McClain
Webmaster: Rick Smigel @
Dave Burzinski @ BMWDAVE1964@YAHOO.COM
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